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Storage And Filing Solutions For Universities and K-12 Schools

Schools of all types face some tough challenges when it comes to managing their floorspace (view Universities and K-12 Storage & Filing Solutions images). With the growing number of students, shrinking budgets and rising construction costs the call for more efficient use of available floorspace is in high demand. Southwest Solutions Group® has been helping universities and schools solve space and productivity issues since 1969. Our team of highly trained educational professionals know how to efficiently organize materials to reduce space and increase productivity.

Innovative Universities and K-12 School Storage and Filing Solutions To Increase Productivity and Space Efficiency

Our innovative storage and filing solutions can double the storage capacity in the same amount of floorspace or reduce your storage or filing space by half allowing additional space for desks or office cubicles. With over 1,200 shelving accessories available our space saving storage systems are easily adjustable to adapt to your changing needs.

Administrative Storage and Filing Solutions for Universities and K-12 Schools

Administrators at universities and K-12 schools need flexible and space efficient filing and storage systems to organize and manage a mixture of media. Unlike traditional file cabinets that are built for one use (paper files), our shelving and cabinets are designed to store multiple types of media in the same cabinets with easy to adjust components when your needs change.

Athletic Equipment Storage Solutions for Universities and K-12 Schools

high density storage and filing solutions for universities

Athletic facilities are finding the space and security benefits of our equipment storage solutions. Typically, you can double the athletic equipment storage capacity in the same floor space compared to traditional shelving storage methods. We also provide athletic facility managers modular casework counters, benches, wire partitions and more. Some of the athletic storage systems we have installed are University of Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU. We also countless athletic storage systems in high schools like Lake Travis, New Braunsfels, Hutto, and many more.

Campus Security Storage and Filing Solutions

The daily duties of keeping students and faculty safe while being prepared for emergency situations requires smart storage equipment that is designed for quick access yet a high level of security. Assuring campus safety crews have instant access to their equipment and tools may prevent a disaster from happening. Efficient storage of protective gear, fire equipment, paper records, weapons and evidence storage solutions help police, security personnel and firefighters save time – and make the most out of valuable floor space anywhere in the department.

Food Service Space Saving Storage Solutions

Refrigerated floor space is expensive to build and maintain that is why it makes sense to maximize the storage capacity in refrigerated areas. Our innovative high-density storage systems can double the size of your refrigerated storage area allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and maximize the use of the available space. Another important food service area is food staging storage areas during rush periods. Having can and dry goods close to the serving line during rush periods improves customer service by eliminating time consuming restocking tasks.

Flexible Lab Casework and Storage Solutions for Universities and K-12 Schools

One of the cornerstones of research universities is scientific discovery. Laboratory casework and storage solutions can streamline both laboratory classroom tasks and professional research operations. Glassware storage, chemical storage, lab supplies and other pertinent equipment can be safely and efficiently stored in our lab shelving and cabinets. Our line of modular casework provides a built in look with the benefits of modularity.

Warehouse and Maintenance Storage Solutions

Maintenance Departments warehouse a vast amount of tools to maintain educational campuses. Keeping the right parts and tools on hand in a minimal amount of space is important to efficient operations of educational facilities. There are many innovative storage solutions to help a Maintenance Department organize parts and inventories for quick and accurate access. From our compact mobile pallet rack storage systems that reduce warehouse space by 50% to our automated modular drawer cabinets that turn wasted overhead air space into productive storage space. Integrating shelving, drawers, racks, mezzanines, cabinets, bins, and other storage equipment into a well designed storage system that allows materials to flow smoothly through your facility can save your organization a lot of time and space in the long run. We specialize in designing integrated storage systems that increase productivity, save floorspace, and improve ergonomics so your facility operates efficiently.

Medical Clinic Storage and Filing Solutions

Medical Clinics record and chart storage is a must. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandate guidelines for the security and privacy of medical records. Our filing equipment is built to meet or exceed the HIPAA guidelines to ensure your filing equipment is in compliance.

Music Department Storage and Filing Solutions

Music Departments can take advantage of our sheet music management storage system that organizes sheet music for quick retrieval and space savings. Unlike traditional file cabinets, our sheet music filing equipment is designed to bring efficient document management in less space. Storage of musical instruments, band uniforms, hats, and other band equipment is not a problem for our flexible shelving systems. We have several systems that can efficiently store different sized instruments including those hard to store over-sized items.

Performing Arts Storage Solutions

The Perform Arts Department has plenty of storage opportunities to organize supplies and equipment for efficient access and space utilization. We have innovative storage solutions to store props, costumes, hanging garments, makeup, costume-making supplies, and set construction tools.

Designing and Planning Assistance

Designing and planning for universities and K-12 schools is a major part of our business. For more information, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today to speak with one of our experienced school storage specialists.