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Last updated: March 24, 2015

Military Logistics Storage Shelving And Warehouse Supply Racks

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No matter if you are conducting a training exercise or engaged in live combat, you rely on a dependable supply chain to produce a successful outcome. Soldiers need critical lifesaving gear, rations, clothing, and parachutes organized and ready to go. Medical records need to be easily accessible yet secure at all times. And vital parts, bench stock, and tools are needed to maintain airplanes and vehicles. With this never ending list and no time to waste, logistics facilities need innovative storage solutions to keep everything on hand and ready to be issued at a moment’s notice. Military logistics storage shelving and warehouse supply racks available on GSA schedule contracts can help meet this need in El Paso, Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, Plainview, Del Rio, Big Spring, Eagle Pass, and throughout the state of Texas.

Space Saving Bulk Storage With Mobile Military Logistics Shelving

Mobile military logistics storage shelving can handle everything from cots and parachutes to inflatable lifeboats and vehicle seats while providing double the storage space of conventional shelving. The shelving converts unused aisle space into productive storage space by mounting stationary shelves onto movable carriages that slide back and forth on tracks. The shelving compacts to remove the unnecessary access aisles between each row of shelving. To access stored items, you simply push a button or turn a handle to create an access aisle wherever you need it. The mobile military logistics storage shelving can be easily configured to efficiently store whatever you need for immediate deployment including medical records, personal mobility bags, cold-weather packs, warm-weather packs, chemical packs, bulk bags storage, and other essential gear and equipment.

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Get The Job Done Efficiently With High Density Warehouse Supply Racks

Extra storage capacity and space savings continue through to our high density warehouse supply racks. These racks are engineered to handle the most demanding loads while still providing easy access to stored items. Static shelving wastes as much as 64% of available warehouse storage space. High density storage eliminates this costly waste to deliver an immediate boost to productivity. With programmable aisles that move, every job gets done without delay. Storage aisles can be easily opened and accessed as you’re moving towards them, so you can quickly pick an item and turn around. High density warehouse supply racks are also simple, fast and unobtrusive to install, and they can handle materials of various sizes and weights.

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