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Last updated: June 25, 2015
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  • "Your team has been the bright spot in our challenging renovation project! Thank you for working with us at each step of the process - especially the last minute changes to adapt to our requirements." De Zavala State Library and Archives

  • "Tony and I were in the first stack of the Spacesaver System and I wanted to open an aisle but the shelving would not move. I pushed the button several times but the system told me the aisle was in use but no one was in the aisle. I scanned the floor and noticed a tiny wadded piece of painter's tape no more than an inch high that kept the Spacesaver shelving carriage weighing tens of thousands pounds from moving. Both Tony and I were in awe of the sensitivity and ease of use of our new Spacesaver System with the infrared safety devices." De Zavala State Library and Archives

  • "Please let the Southwest Solutions Group team know that we appreciate their quality work and cooperative spirit on the De Zavala State Library and Archives project. We will continue to give Southwest Solutions Group glowing references. Thanks for the great job you did for us!" De Zavala State Library and Archives

  • texas state archives thank you high density mobile shelving powered motorized compact archival racks
  • "Southwest Solutions Group's installers are the best! There is a distinct contrast between Southwest Solutions Group installers and all the others who have been working in the library. They know their business. They know when things will arrive and what has to be done. They know if there is a problem and what to do about it. And, they are a pleasure to work with." De Zavala State Library and Archives

  • "We would like to express our thanks to Troy for a great job on our shelving project. Due to the nature of our project we had to perform the job in phases. Troy met every challenge with a smile and a positive solution. His interactions with our project manager, construction firm, architects, and staff were all very positive and productive. Thank you Troy, you are an absolute gem!" De Zavala State Library and Archives

  • "The rolling art rack storage system fulfills our preservation and floor space requirements. Troy and the installers were very knowledgeable and professional."De Zavala State Library and Archives

Washington State University

  • wsu
  • “Our new high density system looks very impressive and works wonderfully. Many thanks to you (Rebecca), Dean, and the installers who worked so hard to meet our deadline. You are truly appreciated.”Washington State University

Blaze Bioscience

  • blazebio
  • “Jim Deller was extremely helpful in finding a solution to company's specific needs. He was patient with us taking the time to explain our various storage options. Tammy Nickell (project coordinator) was very helpful in guiding us through the delivery and installation process. Working with Jim and Tammy was a pleasure and the product is exactly what we were looking for.”Blaze Bioscience

Flower Mound Municipal Court

  • flowermound
  • “Jonathan and Bradley did a wonderful job! They were fast, polite, and even offered to put the boxes in order for us. Absolutely wonderful!!!! Please let their manager know of the great job they did this morning.”Flower Mound Municipal Court

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