Line & Dot Interiors/Holocaust Museum Houston

  • holocaustmuseumhouston
  • “Your BIM library is one the best out there and provides excellent content. Your product families are compact and filled with easy to use parameters. The families don’t slow down Revit project models. Having ‘real-life’ products into our project allows us to plan rooms more efficiently the first time around thus saving us time and money!”Line & Dot Interiors/Holocaust Museum Houston

RBDR Architects

  • rbdr architects
  • “What I love about SSG is that you seem to have a product for about everything related to storage, you’re flexible with design options, you’re quick to respond, and perhaps most of all you always have CAD drawings that I can use in my drawings which makes my life easier. If there’s somebody else out there that does what you do, I don’t know who they are.”

” Thanks for doing a great job, Craig. Love having SSG on the job”

  • RBDR Architects


  • high density shelving modular casework storage filing products
  • “Thanks Craig! We really appreciate you pulling some strings to get the high density files installed. The library shelves are already loaded and ready for the Attorneys to move in! The HD files look great! This was a challenging project and it’s been such a relief to have your knowledge and support. Most of all, thanks for making us look good.”Gensler

  • “We have worked with Southwest Solutions Group for 16 years. They are a very good company and have done a wonderful job for all of our clients.”Gensler

Apex Design Build

  • apex design build
  • “I searched high and low for a heavy-duty cabinet that was new, attractive, had drawers that could support more than 100 lbs., and was reasonably priced.

  • I was running out of time when I found your website, it was a lifesaver!”Apex Design Build

Harvey-Cleary Builders

  • harvey cleary
  • “Your team did an extraordinary job coordinating with us at De Zavala State Library and Archives project in Austin. Southwest Solutions Group is professional, punctual, and a true pleasure to work with. The communication skills of your entire team (sales, coordination and installation) are top notch as each phase was delivered – exactly as you promised. Count on us to give you high remarks as you really made our life easier on the project. Thank you for the great job!”Harvey-Cleary Builders


  • spawmax-logo-100.gif
  • “Your team did an awesome job! They were in, did their work perfectly and left the jobsite in clean order. You are an ideal subcontractor for us. Thank you for your team’s great work.”SpawMaxwell

  • “Southwest Solutions Group is hands down the best subcontractor I have ever worked with. I love working with you and your company on every project. I appreciate all that you do. Southwest Solutions Group is awesome.”SpawMaxwell

Harvey Builders

  • harvey
  • “Randy Brant was recently presented with the Harvey Excellence Plaque for his outstanding work with Harvey Builders. Lexi Stroescu with Harvey Builders said, “We appreciated the effort by Randy and the Southwest Solutions Group team to fast track the Conoco Phillips project. You and your team did a great job. I hope your efforts results in many more opportunities for you.” “Harvey Builders

Blackhawk Constructors

  • modular millwork furniture install
  • “The Project Manager (Tammy) was a real go getter and on the ball keeping us informed of deliveries and installation schedules. The installer (Chet) was knowledgeable and went above and beyond to get the modular millwork furniture installed as promised. We thank him for his work with an excellent rating!”Blackhawk Constructors


  • pgal architects
  • “You guys have been fantastic to work with. This project has been on the more complex side, with the contracts going from the contractor to the City and then back to the contractor. I appreciate you guys sticking with us, helping us through the whole process. I look forward to working with you again on another similar project when it arises.”PGAL

GSBS Architects

  • high density compact rolling metal shelving storage solutions
  • “Thanks Craig for helping us on the high density shelving project and for helping my associates with their projects. You’re a valuable resource, and we appreciate your help. We look forward to working with you on future projects to come.” GSBS Architects

DPR Construction

  • dpr-color.jpg
  • “Southwest Solutions Group is one of those rare subcontractors that you don’t realize they were here – as you’re team is so efficient and focused on getting the project completed. You come in, complete your work and your guys are out. Thanks for the job well done! Our client loves their new high density filing system.”DPR Construction

Equipment Collaborative

 BIM libraries Revit library for storage equipment planning design architects

“As a BIM Manager, I have been making BIM design families from scratch and creating/adapting vendor families for years for a variety of commercial projects. It is a huge relief to all of us in design production who can search a product, find the Revit family and use it immediately with little effort on project adaptation. I must say though, today I was literally breathless when first seeing the quality of families from the BIM library. They have real parametric controls, are conscientious of the digital weight and aesthetically wowing. Not only are the BIM families better than any vendor I have seen… I couldn’t have done it better myself! Fantastic work!”Equipment Collaborative

Brinkley Sargent Architects

  • accomodating team makes working with ssg delightful
  • “Heidi, I could hug you! It is always understood that you, and your team at Southwest Solutions Group, are incredibly accommodating. It’s what makes working with you so delightful!”Brinkley Sargent Architects


  • sustainable storage systems presentation
  • “Craig, thanks for your presentation. Your sustainable storage systems presentation was very well put together and informative. All of the feedback from the group was very positive. Thanks again for your presentation and for being such a dedicated Business Partner.”Weil

Brinkley Sargent Architects

  • best storage and filing solutions shelving cabinets racks
  • “We can always count on the team at Southwest Solutions Group to deliver the best storage solutions in the industry. Thanks for your prompt and excellent service!”Brinkley Sargent Architects

STG Architects

  • stg.jpg
  • “Southwest Solutions Group provides the best products for the best value and tops it off with unbelievable service – the decision to choose them is a no brainer.”STG Architects

  • “Thank you for all your hard work, from random questions to Continuing Education Unit’s. We really appreciate all the time you spend with us to increase our filing and storage knowledge base. Thanks for your great work and dedication. We look forward to continuing to work with you.”STG Architects

Senne Company

  • great job on the high density storage shelving installation
  • “The project manager (Tammy) was excellent to work with (very informative, very professional, great attitude). The installation team lead by Alan is an excellent example of the quality of people that make a successful company. Great job, I highly recommend Southwest Solutions Group.”Senne Company

Clark Contractors

  • clco shelving
  • “The communication and coordination of scheduling the high density medical records shelving installed was excellent”Clark Contractors

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