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Free Standing Pull Out Art Rack Panels

pull out art rack panels nashville knoxville chattanooga clarksville murfreesboro franklin johnson cityPull out art rack panels are designed for efficient hanged frame painting storage without having to attach permanent fixtures to walls, ceilings, or floors. This allows the entire structure to be relocated or expanded on easily at any time without having to make building modifications. Pull out art rack panels are available to museums, art galleries, and more in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Johnson City, and throughout the state of Tennessee.

Compact Framed Painting Storage

The solution was designed for a university as part of a major construction project. The extensive collection had previously been stored on pallet racking, which used up a large amount of their floor space and was difficult to use. Storage was quickly becoming overcrowded, and paintings were getting more and more difficult to find and retrieve.

The modular pull out art racks allow for a space-saving framed painting storage solution that can easily be added on to, relocated, or reconfigured at any time. Since the units are free standing, they don't require any building modifications to the floor or ceiling like many sliding art racks do.framed painting storage free standing nashville knoxville chattanooga clarksville murfreesboro franklin johnson city

To access paintings, staff simply roll out the desired panel, which moves on non-marking casters. Once they're finished, the panel is rolled back into the system. This allows all paintings to be stored together while saving space when the system is not in use. Multiple paintings can be stored on the same panel and on both sides for maximum storage density in a compact footprint. Powder coat painted panels and carriages protect art from off-gassing and easily complement your existing decor.

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