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CSI 12 35 50 educational library casework

csi 12 35 50 library casework memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southavenCSI 12 35 50 library casework includes educational casework cabinets and modular study carrels for your public, private, or university library. These casework solutions not only ensure comfort, but are flexible enough to allow you to reconfigure or relocate and reuse at any time, should you need to move or remodel. Educational library casework and modular study carrels are available for immediate installation to libraries in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, Southaven, and throughout the state of Tennessee.

modular study carrels, desks, tables, and more

There is a wide selection of different types of educational casework (CSI 12 35 50.13), library casework (12 35 50.53), modular study carrels (12 35 50.56), and more for you to choose from, so you can be sure that your furniture will work for you. These modular solutions surpass built-in furniture due to their flexible design that allows endless configuration and customized design options, without the "customized" price tag—the casework furniture is designed to your specific needs and budget. Standard models are also available, from single to collaborative styles. Here are a few of the modular furniture products and features available:modular study carrels memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southaven

  • Modular study carrels with multiple design options and finishes
  • Circulation desks with numerous edge details, laminates, and wood finishes. Modules can accommodate wire management and power distribution centers and allow customization of each individual desk.
  • Book trucks and shelving units for complete dual display and storage systems for books, periodicals, and other media
  • Desks and tables, study desks, collaborative workstations, computer tables, display tables, and more
  • End panels with customized wood finishes and designs
  • Chairs with or without arms and upholstery as well as many options regarding casters, backs, and bases
  • Lounge chairs and benches in multiple colors and sizes in single, two, or three seat options. Benches can be straight or curved with low-profile casters. Wood and metal leg options available.
  • Different leg shapes, rack options, top shapes and surfaces, edge details, electrical additions, and wire management solutions are also available

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for CSI 12 35 50 library casework and modular study carrels to libraries in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, and Southaven. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at (901) 202-0480 or send us a message today.

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