Storing Student Records and Text Books in Less Space for K-12 Schools, Private Colleges, and Universities Arkansas Kansas Oklahoma Texas Tennessee Missouri

Consolidate Student Records and Text Books in High Density Shelving K-12 schools, private colleges, and universities throughout the country are facing increasing student enrollment due to budget cuts that are forcing schools to merge or close. This means even more student records need to be securely stored in a limited amount of space. If you […]

Making the Most of Designing Office Storage Space Kansas Oklahoma Arkansas Tennessee Texas Missouri

Designing Space Efficient Storage in Small Offices These days space can be a precious commodity. Many people work in small offices that are located in downtown high rise buildings where rent can be very expensive. While the high cost of floor space is a necessary evil, it can be the foundation for inspiration to create […]

Innovative New Storage Methods for Blueprint Plan Drawings Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Brownsville

If you work in industries like architectural design, engineering, landscaping, construction, or drafting, you need a convenient and efficient method in place for storing those over-sized blueprints, and other large design documents. There are three basic methods for storing these over-sized working documents, rolled up, laying flat, or hanging. Storing Rolled Blueprint Plan Drawing Rolled […]

Space Saving Modular Moving Sliding Shelving Two And Three Deep With Locking Doors For Filing Systems, Record Box Storage, And Supply Storage Installed In Texas Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Arkansas Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana

Space saving modular moving sliding doctor’s office style filing cabinets that slide and store more in the same floor space. These systems can lock with a roll down door and can be two deep or three deep sliding shelves to increase filing system or supply storage capacity within your office. The carriages roll on tracks on the floor and you slide shelving to the slide to access the level behind. Units come standard with anti-tip devices to make sure they don’t tip over.

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