123570 Hospital Healthcare Casework Modular Millwork Shelving 105626 Mobile High Density Compact Shelves and File Systems On Med Assets Premier Novation and Others For GPO Healthcare Hospital Members

Hospital and Healthcare Casework 123570 that is modular furniture for lab, pharmacy, surgery, morgue, and more with mobile shelving 105626 storage systems to save space serving Texas Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Tennessee Nebraska New York Georgia Alabama

10670 or 105626 Manual Mechanical Assist Motorized Mobile Shelving Storage Systems

Regardless of their size, weight or shape, virtually any type and variety of materials can be stored using a Spacesaver Mobile Storage System. Not only that, they can be stored in less floor space, reducing your building lease and construction costs. Spacesaver is the recognized leader in mobile storage, with more installations than all other […]

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    High Density Storage Shelving | Compact Racks | Space Saving File Cabinets

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