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Stainless Steel Cart Surgical Instrument Transport

stainless steel surgical closed case cartsStainless steel surgical closed case carts are designed for quick, clean, and efficient operating room instrument transport. These carts include a variety of features that ensure sterility of stored surgical instruments and prevent any damage during transport to and from hospital departments. Watch the video above for more information. Click here for more surgical instrument storage solutions. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Closed Surgical Instrument Storage Carts

The cart's standard interlocking construction prevents body torque and absorbs vibrations. Stainless steel resists rust and degradation. A swivel lock design for the casters allows easy mobility in any direction and prevents collisions and fishtailing during transport. Plastic bumpers also protect the cart's body from damage. Casters are attached to a 2-inch stainless steel tubular dolly frame, which keeps the carts running smoothly over uneven surfaces.

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No feature of the stainless steel carts is left unconsidered for instrument transport and storage. Latches are designed for easy cleaning. Adjustable caches ensure that doors remain closed and secure at all times during transport. A center door cover helps to seal and protect contents inside. The smooth body edges of the cart prevent cuts to users or accidental tears in wrapped instrument kits.

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Shelf stoppers prevent the interior shelves from banging into the cart's inner walls. Each shelf is adjustable in 1" increments for storing instrument kits of varying sizes. Shelves are available in solid, perforated, or wire design depending on your instrument transport needs.

The surgical closed case carts are easy to clean with their stainless steel construction. To facilitate washing ease, roller catches hold the doors fully open, and leak holes at the bottom allow for complete drainage. Polymer handles, which are placed on both sides of the cart, stay cool, and are safe for handling immediately after washing.

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