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Last updated: September 24, 2020

The Current Way of Batch Picking Parts and Supplies

Is this how your employees are currently batch picking parts and supplies?improve batch picking efficiency with computer controlled carousels

  • They walk through multiple aisles, searching to find the right shelving with the requested part and then take the item all the way back to their workstation.
  • They climb up and down mezzanine stairs or rolling ladders making multiple trips while carrying parts.
  • They are constantly bending down and lifting heavy boxes and bins.

And they end the day they are worn out and frustrated from the way parts and inventory are stored. If this describes your operation then you want to consider how to improve batch picking efficiency with Computer Controlled Carousels. The good news is that you don’t need to add more workers to improve batch picking efficiency, instead you just need better storage equipment to work smarter and not harder. (view images of Computer Controlled Carousels) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How Computer Controlled Carousels Work to Improve Batch Picking Efficiency

pick-to-light technology is used with computer controlled carouselsComputer Controlled Carousels will improve storage efficiency and productivity so you can grow your profits. You won't have to hire more employees because the Computer Controlled Carousels combine several orders into a batch. Then the requested items are delivered quickly to the operator via the shortest path to eliminate walking, climbing and searching. The Computer Controlled Carousels have pick-to-light technology that shows the operator exactly where the item is located and what quantity they need to pick. And while the operator is picking the first item, the carousel is already rotating to the next one. This reduces dwell time and improves efficiency. (See videos see videos)

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