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Last updated: July 06, 2020

A New Hospital Wing Creates the Need for a New Storage System

central core surgical supplies are kept visible with clear end panels and wire shelvesA major hospital added a new self-contained wing for the surgical services department. As part of the design process to make space for new, high-tech medical equipment, supply storage was moved out of the procedure rooms and into the central core. To ensure there was enough space for all the required surgical supplies and instruments, two high capacity shelving systems were installed. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Surgical Supplies were Moved to the Central Core

New medical equipment is often very large and will use up a lot of space in procedure rooms. To ensure staff had the space to operate and move equipment within the rooms and to prevent contamination of sterile surgical supplies, the decision was made to move storage into the central core. The central core is located in the middle of the new surgical services wing with two service corridors on either side of it, giving nurses and surgical staff access to either side when they need critical supplies for a procedure.

Because there was limited space in the new central core, high capacity shelving systems were the best storage solution for surgical supplies and instruments. With the high capacity shelving, the hospital was able to get more supplies in the core while using the least amount of floor space.

Unique Features of the High Capacity Shelving Systemshigh capacity shelving storing surgical supplies in the central core

The unique high capacity shelving system was designed with stainless steel wire racks to minimize dust collection and maximize cleanliness in the central core. Also, the system incorporates completely clear Plexiglas end panels, which facilitates quick visual locating.

When surgical staff are loading case carts or need to access something quickly during a procedure, they need to be able to locate items as quickly as possible. Because the high capacity shelving system has the clear panels, staff can find and retrieve what they need in less time.

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