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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Workstation Islands with wall shelves & tube racks improve productivity

workstation islands wall shelves tube racksWorkstation islands with wall shelves and tube racks provide adjustable biotech lab casegoods designed to improve user productivity and viewing comfort. Due to overcrowding on campus grounds, a research firm needed to relocate and expand its workspace. It specializes in the development of in-vitro diagnostic products and more. So, finding a solution with all the right qualities to keep work flowing would prove challenging. Continue reading to learn how experts designed flexible storage to meet this exact need.

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The firm flooded the market to find a quick solution and scored an introduction with one provider who could meet their needs within the target date. Experts did many things during this time to convince decision-makers to move forward, including:

  • Conducting a thorough site analysis and product design with CAD (computer-aided design) illustrations
  • Committing to provide quality laboratory interiors in a few short weeks.

adjustable biotech lab casegoodsWith delivery and installation complete, the firm was nothing less than thrilled to have the workstation islands. While the overhead wall shelves and tube racks provide efficient storage, its counters have durable chemical resistant surfaces. It can withstand everyday wear and tear from harsh materials researchers handle during testing. 

Adjustable biotech lab casegoods

The adjustable biotech lab casegoods have a flexible design that pleases the firm's owner. It allows the organization to move everything to a new facility without doing destruction or repurchasing equipment and save money. Facilities have fewer systems to maintain, maximize their investment and sustain employee health and safety standards.

The work islands include specialized components with flexible shelving that users can adapt to ensure increased workflow and viewing comfort. Handlers avoid picking the wrong materials and making a critical error during busy production times. Dual-laminate, freestanding drawer modules allow staff to store equipment wherever they like, increasing user flexibility.

Ten reasons to choose modular millwork storage casegoods.

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