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Last updated: April 10, 2018

Sanitary wire racks on overhead track save space & promote organization

wire racks overhead trackHigh capacity wire racks hang from an overhead track with adjustable shelves and optional bins for kitted parts and supplies storage. Units provide a sanitary shelving system with the mobile flexibility to save space and promote organization. Each minimizes dust while allowing airflow and visibility to promote cleanliness and provide easy healthcare, industrial, and electronic inventory recognition.

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Designed to maximize capacity, units compact to reduce the footprint and create space to accommodate other systems. Their construction includes adjustable shelves with a static design that allow user changes in 1" increments to create greater space efficiency. Users can even add optional bins to form a kitted solution which provides fast access to organized parts and supplies while optimizing high density storage to ensure better space use. With many top tracks available, experts can tailor units according to user application requirements.

Features for affordable wire racks installed to overhead track

adjustable shelves bins kitted parts supplies storageThese NSF approved wire racks move on wheels while suspended from an overhead track to maximize space and ensure more efficient use. System features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability include:

Construction: Wire shelving units made from industrial grade chrome that provides a clean and polished look

Top Tracks: Made of heavy-duty aluminum extrusions with industrial bearings, ensuring years of reliable service

Mobile Shelving Units: Mobile units come with 74" high chrome posts that measure 1" in diameter and have 5" rigid non-marring wheels with donut bumpers that ensure smooth movement

Stationary End Units: Stationary end units come with 86" high chrome posts that measure 1" in diameter and adjustable anchoring foot plates to ensure flexible installation

Shelves: All shelves are adjustable and can accommodate user changes on 1" centers to maximize space efficiency. Wire shelves allow air circulation, light penetration for better visibility, and minimal dust accumulation

Shelf Weight Capacity: Shelves up to 48" long have an 800 lbs. weight load capacity; shelves 60" and wider have a 600 lbs. weight load capacity (based on evenly distributed, non-impact loads). Maximum mobile unit load capacity totals 1,200 lbs.

Installation: Easy do-it-yourself assembly with a few basic tools that help to speed installation and use

Accreditation: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited warranty: Chrome shelving one year, tracks and wheels five years.

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