Wire Partitions, Wire Security Cages and Wire Fencing Enclosures

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Wire partitions, wire security cages, and wire fencing enclosures are used in warehouses and other commercial applications for a wide variety of uses. The wire partitions, cages, and fencing are specifically designed to secure all types of products and machinery, including robotics, tools, evidence, and even data servers and computer equipment. Wire partitions are the perfect solution for securing warehouse storage areas, tool cribs, and evidence storage areas.

wire-partition-cage-industrial-fencing-tool-crib-cagingWhy Our Wire Partitions, Cages, and Fencing is Better

The wire partitions, cages, and fencing are made for indoor use to prevent unauthorized access and secure inventoried items. These partitions are the best in the industry because of their simple design that requires less parts to make installation quicker and easier. 2″ x 2″ vertical posts that the wire partitions bolt to for a stronger, safer installation are also used. Whether you need to secure your parts room or need a physical barrier, we can help. revit bim models

The idea behind the wire partition is that the panels stack on top of each other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. This leaves you with an all-welded, modular, stackable system that is easy to both install, uninstall, and use. The “building black” approach gives you a modular design that allows you to accomplish virtually any layout. Each panel is built strong and bolted directly to support posts with standard 3/8″ wedge anchors that hold partitions firmly in place. The partitions provide unsurpassed security with the heaviest assembly hardware in the industry, and bolts are only accessible from the inside. Fewer parts than standard partitions and angle frames that give clear access to all mounting hardware mean a faster, easier installation so you can get back to business. And the partitions are very flexible, allowing you to easily reconfigure them as your needs change. A wide variety of customization options are also available, so you can implement the wire partitions, security cages, or fencing enclosures that are built to your exact needs.  Click here to view wire partitions and security cage videos.

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