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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Wire partition gun cages maximize space promoting efficient use

wire partitions gun cagesExperts designed gun cages using wire partitions to create weapons evidence control sterilization enclosures that ensure safe and clean firearms processing. It provides a solid barrier that regulates access to keep unauthorized personnel out while spanning floor to ceiling to maximize space. Sheriff offices can protect firearms integrity while putting vertical space to more efficient use.

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Weapons evidence control sterilization area enclosures

The weapons evidence control sterilization area enclosures ensure employees have a safe space to work from behind closed doors. It provides a quiet environment, allowing staff to execute proper firearms cleaning practices without distraction. Users have comfortable access to sterile counters that hang high off the floor and more. This includes mobile drawer storage and wall cabinets with space to store supplies.

weapons evidence control sterilization area enclosuresConfigurations allow air to circulate, helping regulate the temperature and keep those working in access-restricted spaces cool. The tamperproof storage security doors allow ergonomic use to prevent injury. Standard and custom options are available to meet police department needs.

Watch a video that highlights the wire partition storage cages.

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