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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Wire mesh stacking bins save space & prevent dust buildup

wire mesh stacking binsWire mesh stacking bins provide retail industrial parts and sewing yarn spool supply storage that saves space and eliminates dust and dirt buildup. All have a durable rear hanger that allows simple louvered panel or rail system integration. The dust and dirt-free containers then avoid taking up valuable counter space. Rather, these areas look cleaner and more organized allowing users safe and efficient access to do more. Staff helping customers find stuff has ergonomic access to items suspended off the floor, preventing injury during retrieval.

Retail sewing yarn spool supply storage

The retail industrial parts and sewing yarn spool supply storage baskets have the depth to protect stored materials from damage. Facilities avoid throwing it out and sell more to customers, increasing profits. All nine sizes have the same grid pattern that allows users' to view contents. Coupled with an open hopper design, systems allow users easy picking access to organized items.

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retail industrial parts sewing yarn spool supply storageAccessorize the units with optional dividers that help optimize space to maximize use while keeping everything separate and organized. Using the components to create compartments helps users avoid mixing same-size inventory during restocking. Optional label holders and tags available to help address material organization needs.

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