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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Sanitary wire library art airflow shelf & partition carts keep paintings organized

wire library art airflow shelf partition cartsWire library art airflow shelf and partition carts provide mobile adjustable gallery storage that keeps paintings clean and organized during transit. As a portable solution with flexible components, users can customize it based on needs. Art historians can modify the space in moments to maximize use and still protect everything. It ensures stored items arrive wherever needed without sustaining integrity damage. Facilities then avoid spending money on repairs and ensure collections have a longer life span.

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Mobile adjustable gallery storage

Users can even relocate the mobile adjustable gallery storage to save space in moments. It requires minimal physical effort and time, allowing personnel to avoid feeling fatigued and unable to work. Pick from sanitary configurations with space-efficient compartments that meet collection needs.

Museum curators and docents can consolidate everything while keeping it separate to prevent damage. Personnel makes fewer trips during transport and maintains safe collection handling practices. Able to maintain visual and access stored paintings from the front or rear, staff can handle retrieval efficiently and without errors.

mobile adjustable gallery storage

Construction: Made from commercial grade chrome wire that promotes cleanliness to eliminate dust.

Posts: Chrome posts measure 6' 2" (6' 7" with casters) high.

Shelves: All-welded wire shelves allow proper air circulation, light penetration for better visibility, and minimal dust accumulation. The components can accommodate adjustments on 1" centers, enabling users to create optimal storage conditions.

Dividers: Chrome adjustable dividers that allow users to keep paintings safe and organized measure 7" high.

Casters: Configurations have 5" swivel non-marring casters (two casters have brakes) that provide safe transportability.

Installation: Systems assemble with a rubber mallet, simplifying installation to speed use.

Accreditation: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved.

Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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