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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Sanitary wire fold-up compact storage carts take up little space

wire fold up compact storage cartsConvert sanitary wire fold-up compact storage carts into enclosed shelving compartment security trucks that have the strength to protect electronics and more in transit. A solid center shelf splits the interior, creating separate space to store equipment. Place heavy computer parts on top and stack smaller items on the bottom. This arrangement helps users maximize the available space and prevent material damage.

Break the mobile solutions down to 6" when empty and not use to ensure it takes up less equipment closet space. Then, roll it off facility floors in moments to speed relocation during cleanup. Personnel can retrieve the system from storage the next day and expand it in no time, making reuse convenient and cost-effective.

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Enclosed shelving compartment security trucks prevent material theft & damage

enclosed shelving compartment security trucksThe padlockable enclosed shelving compartment security trucks keep stored equipment safe from theft and damage. Unlocked doors open wide enough to allow users ergonomic access to stored items. While secure, its open construction reduces dust to keep inventory clean and ensure safer handling. It provides more visibility too, allowing staff to avoid errors during retrieval. Units' design includes casters that provide safe transportability and an ergonomic boost that simplifies cleaning underneath.

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