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Last updated: November 30, 2018

Adjustable grocery backroom plastic bin transport storage organizes easing restocking

wire drawer rack cartsWire drawer rack carts provide adjustable grocery backroom plastic bin transport storage flexible enough to keep work-in-progress organized. It ensures employees can leave everything as is when shifts end and return the next day to finish restocking aisles. Pick from options that come with or without containers which users pull out to ensure safer ergonomic access during handling.

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Wire drawer rack carts protect

Adapting empty wire drawer rack carts with totes creates an integrated solution that can safeguard food from harm while in transit. Dry packaged goods get to wherever needed faster and without sustaining damage, allowing retailers to waste less and sell more. Containers secured within the interior stack one on top the other to maximize space use. Ample space between each allows stored items to receive proper ventilation and avoid being covered with dust.

adjustable grocery backroom plastic bin transport storageConstruction: Made from industrial grade chrome wire that eliminates dust to promote sanitary use.

Posts: Chrome posts measure 1" in diameter.

Shelves: Top and bottom shelves have an all-welded sanitary wire design that allows air circulation, light penetration for better visibility, and minimal dust accumulation. Users can make adjustments to the components on 1" centers to create optimal storage conditions based on inventory needs..

Drawer Rails: Units come with rails that accommodate totes sliding in and out of place and allow flexible placement on 1" increments from users wanting to avoid wasting space.

Tote Drawers: Tote drawers (where applicable) come in 3", 6", 8" and 12" heights to accommodate user needs. Users can even add dividers as an option to help subdivide the containers down to a 1-1/8" square compartment size if desired. Optional lids, dust covers, and label holders are available as well to keep stored items safe, clean and organized.

Casters: Systems feature 5" swivel non-marring casters with donut bumpers (two casters include brakes) that provide safe transportability and an ergonomic boost that eases cleaning underneath.

Installation: Assembles with a rubber mallet to allow more convenient installation and speed use.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Made in the USA

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