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Last updated: May 04, 2018

Flexible wire basket rolling racks ease parts distribution & restocking

wire basket rolling racksWire basket rolling racks provide sterile airflow bin shelf storage carts with mobile flexibility to ease parts distribution and restocking. Adjustable components can accommodate changes from users on 1" increments to maximize available space use while helping keep odd-shaped items clean and dry. Each installs with enough space in-between to ensure items receive proper ventilation. Their durable, grid-like construction keeps dust accumulation at a minimal while helping promote air circulation, allowing stored items to maintain freshness.

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Units have lower shelving fronts to allow convenient visibility and access to stored content. Higher shelf backs prevent items from falling over the edge and onto the floor while in transit. The easy-to-assemble units ship quick to speed installation and use and can accommodate optional dividers. Purchasing and adding the separate components would allow users to keep parts more organized, speeding retrieval. The systems make an attractive solution to use anywhere with electronic, medical and industrial applications.

Wire basket rolling racks improve productivity

The wire basket rolling racks allow users to move inventory faster and easier to the point of need, improving productivity. Systems have many attractive features that add value while keeping cost low to ensure affordability. These include:

  • Wire baskets made from industrial grade chrome wire with 5/8" x 5/8" mesh bottoms, backs, sides, and drop front to contain parts. Shelves can accommodate 600 to 800 weight capacity (based on an evenly distributed, non-impact loads). Adjustable baskets allow changes from users on 1" increments to create optimal storage conditions.
  • Chrome posts measure 74" high and 1" in diameter.
  • Units include 5" swivel polyurethane casters with donut bumpers (two casters include brakes) that protect walls while in transit.

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