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Last updated: November 30, 2018

Safe widespan heavy-duty wall shelving

widespan heavy duty wall shelving racksAccessorized widespan heavy-duty wall shelving racks provide adjustable garden hand tool shed storage flexible enough to keep outdoor yard equipment organized. This includes rakes, shovels, and water hoses homeowners use to maintain property curb appeal. Units have adaptable beams with safety clips to prevent dislodging during installation and use. It ensures items avoid sustaining damage during nonuse and residents can handle retrieval without injury.

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Units allow users to have front ergonomic access to loose heavy parts. Systems can provide the same benefit from the back if leaving enough space between the wall. Specialized decking allows air to flow and reach items placed on the shelves while eliminating dust. It ensures loose seasonal equipment exposed to inclement weather drys faster and performs up to standard during future homeowner handling.

Accessorized adjustable garden hand tool shed storage promotes organized efficiency

adjustable garden hand tool shed storageUsers can add many accessories to create the most efficient and organized adjustable garden hand tool shed storage. Some available options include:

  • Dividers which help users optimize the available space to maximize use. The components provide a sturdy barrier that keeps items separate and organized. It provides users with better item visibility to allow proper identification during handling and speed yard work.
  • Hanging Rails to help users keep valued equipment organized. Integrating the components allows homeowners to avoid keeping supplies on the floor and creating a safety hazard.
  • Hooks to hang items residents want to have quick access to when facing bad weather conditions.

Other system features that enhance value without adding to the cost include:

  • Tubular T-type posts with reformations every 2" on centers to allow beam adjustment during installation and use.
  • Vertical uprights ship unassembled to lower shipping cost and help prevent damage.
  • Medium duty beams made from 14 gauge steel while heavy-duty beams feature 12 gauge steel construction durable enough to ensure safe residential use.
  • Beams include safety clips which homeowners can use to lock each safely in place
  • Beams allow adjustments on 2" centers, allowing users flexible during installation and use as changes to home equipment collections arise
  • Systems can come with or without steel, wire, or wood decking options to accommodate user needs.
  • Personalized configurations available.

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