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 School resource officer gun lockers ensure student safety

weapons cabinet high security lock storageThis fast response weapons storage cabinet includes an unassuming design and many high-security lock options that allow the durable, yet safe storage solution for protection in many environments. This includes educational applications that seek to prevent gun violence in classrooms and lecture halls. It allows configurability and multiple design options, so educators can create school resource officer gun lockers that meet accessibility and security needs to ensure student safety in an emergency.

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Weapons cabinet high-security locks ensure quick storage access

The weapons storage cabinet can accommodate up to five high-security lock options, including combination, key, hasp (for padlock) and electronic systems that provide quick storage access. Those that want school resource officer gun lockers with the electronic locking systems can pick from two options. Continue reading to learn more about how each operates.

The first includes a specialized locking system that features a simple design with a 10-digit keypad and RFID technology with PIN or key card access. The basic design ensures discrete security, so users can access the system and store or retrieve rifles without interference from others.

The other specialized electronic lock option is a push-button locking system that can integrate with most weapon storage cabinet designs. Users must enter a 4-digit code or insert an accessibility user key into a key slot to gain access. It features all metal housing with a pull handle that ensures easy use in an emergency.

Other weapons cabinet features ensure durability, reconfigurability & added protection

school resource officer gun lockersThe weapons cabinet with high-security lock options includes many other storage features that provide durability, reconfigurability and added protection. Among them are:

  • Designed with double panel heavy-duty door that provides durability.
  • Full-width shelves available in standard, heavy-duty or louvered type styles and provide ample space to store and organize ammunition.
  • Users can add optional compartments to store evidence or personal protective equipment such as bullet-proof vests.
  • Side lances on the interior allow users to make shelf adjustments, ensuring optimal storage conditions.
  • A full-length hinge provides tamper-proof security.
  • The long bottom compartment can accommodate an adjustable rail and barrel supports that allow users to store rifles in an upright, secure position.

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