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 Wall pass-through lockers with drop slots maintain 'custody chain'

wall pass through lockers drop slotsIn-wall pass-through lockers with drops slots provide temporary police evidence deposit storage secure enough to preserve crime scene property and save space. It allows officers to slip sealed small-sized envelopes inside and keep contents private. Experts adapted the solution to help departments manage evidence collection during the holidays. Continue reading to learn how it ensures safer handling from the time deputies round up items at crime scenes through court presentation.

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Property processing lab technicians often have weekends off, leaving the police to use all the available cabinet space to secure items in custody. Everything from narcotics bags, camera memory cards and more have a smaller design and can get lost if not stored the right way. Wanting to conserve space and maintain the custody chain until lab technicians could process seized items, one department asked experts to come with a proper solution.

temporary police evidence deposit storageInstalled to the wall, pass-through lockers have drop slots integrated right the exterior access door to save space. Police place labeled evidence envelopes through an opening sturdy enough to keep everything safe in one convenient compartment. With a hinged flap and "teeth" to keep unauthorized personnel from removing items, it allows users to maintain the custody chain. Lab technicians then retrieve materials from a separate rear door to ensure safe handling during processing.

Temporary police evidence deposit storage

As a sturdy and convenient solution, the temporary police evidence deposit storage spans floor-to-ceiling in underused areas to save space. Able to store smaller items in a single spot, authorized personnel have efficient space to accommodate more evidence. Departments can add specialized security systems that keep the front doors locked while lab technicians have the rear door open to prevent unauthorized access. It provides extra protection against tampering and allows safer handling during processing to preserve items' integrity.

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