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Last updated: March 11, 2019

Wall mounting safety cabinets allow maximum floor space use

wall mounting safety cabinetsWarehouse wall mounting safety cabinets or floating ADA compliant desks have folding storage doors that double as a sturdy workspace. Lay binders on it when going over safe hazmat handling procedures with staff to streamline the review. Stock the interior with a manual that outlines what personnel should do in an emergency to keep everyone safe. Anyone unable to attend the meeting can then access and read it at any time. It helps prevent improper hazardous chemical handling during more demanding times. Facilities maintain their production schedule in the safest conditions, using maximum floor space.

Efficient floating ADA compliant desks with folding storage doors

While hanging high off the floor in crowded areas, the floating ADA compliant desks with folding storage doors allow users full access to warehouse space. Able to raise and lower the work surface to an ergonomic position, staff avoids injury during use. Close it in moments when done to create an efficient, space-saving workstation with a clean and attractive look. Items stored inside it avoid getting lost or damaged, saving facilities from buying replacements.

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Versatile warehouse wall mounting safety cabinets

The versatile wall mounting safety cabinets can serve as communication hubs, emergency first aid centers and more to suit hospital, police, and government facility needs. Many accessories available to add on indicated models, including:

  • Chart holders to keep medical patient records organized.
  • Whiteboards to write down notes during strategy meetings or brainstorming sessions.
  • Attractive laminate panels.
  • Security locks to prevent material theft and tampering.

Construction: Made from 20-gauge cold rolled steel body with an 18-gauge steel door durable enough to provide lasting, reliable service. Premium wall-mounted steel cabinet with durable powder coat finish.

floating ada compliant desks folding storage doors

Doors: Doors have two recessed magnets to keep it in a closed position when shut.

Locks: Cabinets can come with security key locks, double key locks (on drug units), or without locks. Optional self-closing door mechanism available where indicated.

ADA Accessible

Weight Capacity: Flip-down doors provide a writing surface that holds 50 lbs. of evenly distributed weight.

Finish: Powder coated finish available in many attractive colors.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to allow easier installation and speed use.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited lifetime product warranty.

Made in the USA

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