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Last updated: February 20, 2018

Wall mounted gowning racks save space

wall mounted gowning racks stainless steel hooksElectropolished wall mounted gowning racks made from stainless steel construction provide a sanitary shelving solution that keeps department store merchandise clean. Their design includes hooks, so users can add hangers to create organized hanging garment storage with efficient upper shelf space to store extra inventory. The systems install to underused areas with secure ease to save valuable floor space for more productive activities. They're great to use in museums that need to preserve vintage clothing or smaller boutiques with limited room to display wares on clearance.

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Wall mounted gowning racks weight capacities

The wall mounted gowning racks with stainless steel construction and hooks can support anywhere from 600 to 800 lbs, depending on shelf size and even weight distribution. Units with shelves that measure up to 48" wide can hold as much as 800 lbs each with even weight distribution. Others with shelving over 48" wide support 600 lbs each based on even weight distribution

Hanging garment storage with upper shelf space eases inventory restocking

hanging garment storage shelfUsers can integrate hangers with the hooks down below to create hanging garment storage that keeps apparel organized while using shelf space above to accommodate overflow items. This arrangement allows users to manage tasks such as restocking empty shelf space with greater speed and efficiency. It even saves time, so salespeople can increase their presence out on the floor and deliver more efficient customer service.

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