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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Wall cabinets with counter drawer storage & washing sinks control infections

wall cabinets counter drawer storage washing sinksWall cabinets with counter drawer storage and washing sinks underneath provide neonatal ward nurse casegoods that facilitate effective infection control and space use. The departmental staff has no excuses as to why they can't maintain proper hygiene during work. Facilities avoid implementing extra safety measures to prevent harmful virus outbreaks from spreading, making use more cost-effective. Teaching hospitals put underused spaces to more efficient use, increasing its functionality.

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Neonatal ward nurse casegoods maximize space

Have experts integrate complex wiring and plumbing components to raceways in the neonatal ward nurse casegoods. It ensures clinical students have convenient, hands-free access to clean water and more. Facilities with more space to accommodate installations can include taller configurations in the design. It provides the attractive and clean look hospitals want but spans floor to ceiling to maximize vertical space.

neonatal ward nurse casegoodsThe sample installations ensure users have efficient space to consolidate life-saving supplies near the point of need. Systems feature ergonomic pull handles that ensure qualified staff has quick material access in an emergency. Skilled personnel can then retrieve items and work on stabilizing babies in distress.

Experts can design other options, as they did in another case. The neonatal ward nurse casegoods used in that application sit in a separate area. An in-wall observation window allows personnel to monitor patient progress while doing more from the other room. Staff can work away from sleeping kids' and still handle every need with clean hands, keeping everyone safe.

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