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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Walking cane cabinets with adjustable shelves & partitions promote consolidation

walking cane cabinets adjustable shelves partitionsWalking cane cabinets with adjustable shelves and partitions provide medical mobility aid storage flexible to use as a nonprofit equipment closet. With open access to separate space-efficient compartments, staff can consolidate donations in one solution. This includes everything from folded wheelchairs to walkers and more which take up valuable space in family homes during nonuse. Families with disabled children who have outgrown items avoid letting equipment in good condition go to waste. Donated supplies have a longer lifespan and nonprofits provide those they serve with affordable access to quality resources. Children with disabilities can then work towards feeling more independent while living a healthier lifestyle.

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Easy-to-access medical mobility aid storage

With convenient access to flexible components, nonprofit personnel can customize this medical mobility aid storage to fit inventory needs. Then wheel or lift folded equipment into place without injury to maximize space and prevent damage. Organized donations avoid taking up valuable floor space, allowing users to have safer access. Everything awaiting pickup avoids getting dirty and performs up to standard during use, keeping disabled children safe and healthy. Stand the sturdy steel-made systems against an underused wall to ensure optimal space use.

medical mobility aid storageConstruction: Uprights made from heavy-duty 18-gauge steel durable enough to provide long-lasting, reliable service.

Shelves: Users can modify shelves vertically on 1-1/2" increments to create enough space to accommodate specific application requirements. Extra shelves are available to add if you desire a more versatile solution. Each shelf is rated to hold a minimum of 250 lbs. with a total carrying weight of 1,500 lbs.

Openings: With the intermediate shelf in the center of the unit, users have access to about 35" for the top and bottom openings if using a 76-1/4" high unit, and about 41" with an 88-1/4" high unit. The intermediate shelf can accommodate adjustments to suit unique user requirements.

Bottom Anchoring Support: Each unit includes a bottom anchoring bar across the back of the units. Systems require secure attachment to the floor for safety reasons but do not include floor anchoring hardware.

Shelf Dividers: Adjustable 12" wire dividers ensure stored materials remain in the upright position. The 30" and 36" wide units include one divider while other 42" and 48" wide configurations have two dividers.

Finish: Shelving parts are powder-coated and available in many attractive colors

Assembly: Units ship unassembled and feature easy, do-it-yourself construction to allow convenient installation and speed use.

Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Made in the USA.

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