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Last updated: July 03, 2019

Vertical Shelving Carousels Store Parts in Less Space

vertical shelving carousels storing engines spare partsAn importer and distributor of boats, engines for boats and motorbikes, snow mobiles, ATV's, and more was experiencing continuous growth in the volume and number of products they needed to store and sell. This made it necessary to build a new warehouse and reorganize their working processes. With the new warehouse, the company also installed vertical shelving carousels to store engines and spare parts for ATVs, board, motorbikes, and snow mobiles in less space than static shelving. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels

Storing Engines & Spare Parts

Their existing warehouse was no longer capable of meeting their logistics requirements. Spare parts and accessories were picked from trolleys from more than 19,685 feet of static shelving. The shelves took up a floor space of about 7,535 square feet and contained about 38,000 locations in bins and more than 45,000 articles in total. Picking performance was calculated at 40 lines per hour per picker and was done by three people. The company wanted to save space, increase their picking efficiency, have real-time stock management, minimize picking errors, and have less than 24 hour delivery readiness. Find out more about the vertical shelving carousel's inventory management software.

vertical carousels store engines spare parts for atvs boats motorbikes

Vertical shelving carousels were installed in less than 430 square feet of floor space. 40% of their smaller parts are stored in four vertical shelving carousels that contain bins of various sizes. Faster access times are achieved with the batch picking principle. A light indicator shows the target bin and volume to the picker to permit rapid, direct, and error-free access. Warehouse management software controls four machines simultaneously with batch accumulation, which eliminates wait times for pickers.

Vertical Shelving Carousel Benefits & Features

  • Same amount of engines and spare parts stored in less than 15% of floor space
  • 99% safe access by using pick-to-light operator prompting
  • More than 100 order lines per hour picked by 1/3 of the staff
  • 70% less personnel resources needed
  • 4 vertical shelving carousels with a total of 480 shelves
  • Storage capacity of 8,300 containers in 36,500 locations
  • Order processor + Options
  • Interfaces to ERP system

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