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Vertical Lifts for Storing Fully-Loaded Pallets

vertical lifts store assembly tool set pallets fully loadedAn assembly tool pool is required to retrieve tool sets used to build all types of systems across the globe. One particular power and automation technology group has been using automated storage and retrieval solutions for their work processes, and decided that they could do even more if they continued this trend. Thus, they installed two additional vertical lifts to store assembly tool set pallets. Since the installation was completed, they have been able to continue to improve retrieval performance considerably. Click here to watch a video about how the vertical lifts work.

Reducing Bottlenecks & Improving Retrieval Times

The tool pool had gradually acquired 20 vertical lifts and vertical carousels over the years, so they were well aware of the benefits that automated storage and retrieval systems could bring them. Their warehouse stores about 1,000 different items, and around 8,000 items in total. Individual tools are stored within the automated storage systems and are retrieved by operators at the push of a button. Before installing automated systems, bottlenecks occurred with assembly sets that hadn't been fully picked and slowed operations down. They had also previously used static shelving for storing pallets, which took up valuable space and prevented workers from maneuvering freely through the warehouse. Being able to store their fully-loaded pallets on automated storage would drastically reduce the slowdowns they were still struggling with. Click here to view an infographic about all the additional benefits of vertical lifts.

improve retrieval performance for assembley tool set palletsTwo vertical lifts were installed for storing pallets with double frames in much less space than static shelves. Pallets with semi-picked tool sets are stored in one unit until all the items are available to be picked. Most of the parts (including diamond drill sets, repair kits, fault equipment, and measuring devices), which are supplied on a loan basis, are returned after use and temporarily stored in the second vertical lift. Once the returns are processed, the items are placed back into the parts warehouse. One employee is able to operate one of the two storage lifts between 20 and 50 times per day with pallets that can be ergonomically moved into position to be picked up by a forklift truck or pallet truck with the assistance of a tray extraction device.


  • Automated storage of pallets with double frames (height of stored goods: 95 cm)
  • Retrieval of assembly sets on time for building sites
  • Space for 58 pallets in a footprint measuring about 62'
  • 30' storage units optimally utilize vertical storage space

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Vertical Lifts Store Assembly Tool Set Pallets & Improve Retrieval Performance

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