VLMs offer configuration flexibility and space allocation

An electronics producer was having problems keeping their storage of 500,000 reels of Surface Mount Device (SMD) components for 15 production lines organized and clean in traditional static shelving. To ease their organization problem, the company installed vertical lift shuttles to organize products and save space without having to expand their facility or overhaul their business processes. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

vertical lift shuttles VLMS organize inventory and save space in warehouses

an integrated solution

automated vertical shuttles for smd reel storageTwo vertical lift shuttles were installed, and immediately consolidated their space by using previously unused overhead air space with its vertical construction. The lifts allow maximum configuration flexibility and space allocation to accommodate the company’s growing needs into the future. When combined with a high-density storage system, the production warehouse was able to reduce their space by over 60%. A third vertical lift shuttle designed to meet the growing needs of the company’s production enabled a significant increase in storage capacity.

The vertical lift shuttles are managed by order picking and warehouse management software that allows fast access to all components used for circuit production, traceability of material flow, and accurate control of stock levels. All materials are stored safely and securely in the vertical lift shuttles, protected from dust and damage. The FIFO (First In, First Out) principle was introduced to avoid material aging of sensitive components and to reduce the mound of partially used SMD reels, which minimized waste and handling time. Assembly line setup operations and the required SMD reels necessary during operation were also aligned with the interfacing of the existing management system.

Additional benefits the production warehouse received from installing vertical lift shuttles to organize products and save space include:automated storage and retrieval vertical lift shuttles organize products and save space in warehouses

  • Over 60% warehouse space reduction (from 48 m2 to 16 m2)
  • Clean, ordered, dust-free storage of goods
  • Increased productivity: 1,1000 daily operations with the same number of operators
  • Maximum traceability of components
  • Order picking and warehouse management software linked to existing management system
  • Complete just-in-time stock control
  • Material position indicator on lifts for easy retrieval and storage
  • 183 trays 2,450 x 813 mm with ESD protection
  • Transport cart for materials

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