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Vertical Lift Shuttles Provide a Solutions for County’s Fleet Maintenance & Repair Operations

A local county’s division of fleet maintenance and repair operations solves their parts storage problem with Vertical Lift Shuttles. The maintenance and repair facility operates 24/7 to keep engines running. They maintain a fleet of over 2,205 automobiles, 454 heavy pieces of equipment, 390 transit buses and 212 user agency owned heavy equipment in addition to providing maintenance and repair services to a number of other agencies and governments in the area. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

When a new heavy equipment and transit fleet facility was designed, the plan had more service bay space but less space for storing parts. The parts room previously measuring 9,800 square feet was reduced to 5,800 square feet in the new facility. The county needed a solution for their parts department that would allow them to keep the same amount of parts onsite and quickly accessible.

using pick-to-light the vertical lift shuttle directs operator to parts

Vertical Lift Shuttles Manage Parts Inventory in Less Space and More

Two Vertical Lift Shuttles, integrated with pick-to-light technology and inventory management software allowed the county’s fleet maintenance and repair operations to maintain their parts inventory while reducing the footprint by 41%. The Vertical Lift Shuttles sit side by side at the new facility, occupying a 9′ 4″ by 9′ 4″ footprint. (view images of Vertical Lift Shuttles)

vertical lift shuttles will save space in your fleet maintenance and repair department

Both Vertical Lift Shuttles are controlled by one workstation computer using inventory management software to find and retrieve parts. To retrieve a part, the operator simply enters the part number or scans a barcode. The shuttle’s extractor moves up the center column to retrieve the desired tray and delivers it to operator at the ergonomically positioned access opening. Delivering the part directly to the operator eliminates walk and search time commonly associated with shelving or bins and improves picking speed.

Each Vertical Lift Shuttle is equipped with pick-to-light technology. Pick-to-light technology speeds the picking process and increases pick accuracy to 99.9%. In addition, a TIC (Transaction Information Center), integrated into the access opening of each unit, directs the operator to the exact location of the part within the tray. The LED light bar (TIC) not only indicates the exact cell to pick from, but also displays the part number, description, unit of issue and transaction quantity.

Restocking is just as easy as picking. The inventory management software automatically selects a location for the new parts to be stored. The Vertical Lift Shuttle presents the tray in the access opening and the TIC directs the operator to the exact location to put the part. The operator places the part on the designated tray compartment, confirms the transaction and the shuttle stores the tray within the unit.

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