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Last updated: May 18, 2016

Vertical automated storage system uses overhead space for storage

vertical automated storage systemDue to the shear size and shape of industrial materials such as printing cylinders, finding a place to store them isn't always easy. In fact, it can be quite an imposition for manufacturers, often causing unwelcome delays. Well, now there is a storage method that simplifies the process for you. It is called a vertical automated storage system. Designed specifically for large rolls of labels and printing cylinders, it allows you to store materials with added efficiency. Additionally, the system effectively creates additional storage capacity by utilizing space overhead for storage, leaving the floor to used in other ways to accommodate additional needs for improved workflow conditions. Vertical automated storage system for large rolls of labels and printing cylinders that measure up to 25-inches in diameter and 10-feet in length are also available. (Watch video)

Vertical automated storage system operates for improved health & safety

Print cylinder carts provide the support needed for the vertical automated storage system to operate with one person at the hand of the controls when loading and unloading materials. In addition, the physical demands involved when working with the system for large rolls of labels and printing cylinders are not as strenuous on the body. It does not require any excess movement. This is because stored items are rotated up or down and presented at an ergonomic height that is within reach of the system user. This provides an increased level of health and safety, while also allowing unfettered access to what is needed and when at an improved rate of speed. 

Vertical automated storage system accessibility allows for productivity

large rolls of labels and print cylindersIf it's increased productivity you're after, the vertical automated storage system for large rolls of labels and printing cylinders can help you effectively accommodate demands associated with meeting production capacity levels. Since the system uses vertical space for storing materials, there is more of it available to go around. Whether space for storage peaks at 10 feet, 30 feet or somewhere in between, the system is flexibility enough to where it can meet any range of accessibility needed to be increasing productive. For additional information on our range of industrial material handling systems, including the vertical automated storage systems, click here

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