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Last updated: April 24, 2018

Industrial shipping literature storage promotes efficient space use & more

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Vented cabinets with vertical dividers and shelves provide industrial shipping literature storage that allows airflow, organization, and efficient space use. Interior components allow users to keep materials separate and organized to speed retrieval. Users to have total adjustability depending on the chosen configuration. Each optimizes space to ensure maximum use while providing a secure barrier to prevent users from mixing similar-looking paperwork. It allows users better access to items that help maintain workflow efficiency, including product brochures, warranty packets, and catalogs.

Vented cabinets allow airflow keeping items in good condition

The vented cabinets with vertical dividers and shelves have other features including doors with a perforated design to allow airflow. It helps keep materials in pristine condition while providing users safe visibility from the exterior. Users can add shelves to some models to increase versatility and customize others with doors that provide more security or visibility.

industrial shipping literature storage

Units include a 3-point locking system that users can lock with a standard security padlock. It provides protection to keep items safe from theft, vandalism, and damage. The systems feature heavy duty 12 gauge construction that can withstand rough and tough use in harsh environments. Legs welded to the bottom provide mobility, allowing users to easily lift and transport units from one area to another.

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