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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Utility wire shelf carts promote safe & organized material use

utility wire shelf cartsSilver epoxy finishing utility wire shelf carts or mobile rust resistant lab storage keep liquid tube and tool bins organized and safe during transit. Technicians verifying chemical imbalances in public waterways can expect accurate readings during testing. Then correct any imperfections and restore water quality to ensure sanitary community use.

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The durable and sanitary solutions include raised shelf lips that contain hazardous spills. Facilities have fewer injury incident records to maintain and staff practice good health and safety behaviors while working. Units have ergonomic handles and casters that allow users to move sensitive testing materials to wherever needed. Able to relocate everything without discomfort, personnel can create space savings in moments and with minimal delay to production.

Mobile rust resistant lab storage promote workflow

mobile rust resistant lab storage liquid tube tool binsThe mobile rust resistant lab storage shelves provide more than enough space to consolidate liquid tube and tool bins into one solution. Facilities can then use fewer systems to meet departmental production needs, saving money on equipment. The staff can keep everything separate to prevent sample contamination without sacrificing ergonomics. Everyone has clean access to stored items but make fewer trips during transport, increasing workflow.

Construction: Chrome, silver epoxy, or solid plastic design options available as indicated on the model.

Weight Capacity: Systems can support up to 600 lbs.

Assembly: Units ship unassembled.

Certifications: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) listed.

Warranty: Seven-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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