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Last updated: July 10, 2017

Securely accessible two-sided spinning storage with keypad

two sided spinning storage with keypad

Two-sided spinning storage with keypad is an cost-effective alternative to the standard key lock available for cabinet storage. Its low-voltage control pad integrates well with all rotating security shelving cabinets and is illuminated for low light settings. Pass code controlled, the system effectively establishes a higher level of security, while also providing an equal degree of accessibility to stored materials. Everything from confidential files and confiscated weapons and evidence to pharmaceuticals and small electronics is securely accessible, as a result. In addition, in the interest of maintaining selective security, cabinets for this two-sided spinning storage with keypad can be programmed for single or multiple users. Two-sided spinning storage with keypad allow you to store as much as three lateral filing cabinets using less space. (Watch video)

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Rotating security shelving cabinets

These rotating security shelving cabinets are available in 10 different heights, ranging from 29 1/2 inches to 92 1/2 inches. Starter widths measure 36 1/2 inches and 45 1/4 inches. Additional design specifics for this two-sided spinning storage with keypad include:rotating security shelving cabinets

  • One keypad per unit required
  • One three-prong six foot wall card with 120 VAC transformer for 12 V operation
  • UL Listed transformer
  • 30 minute battery backup for power failures to lock cabinets

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