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Last updated: March 04, 2016

User-friendly accessible storage

twirling cabinetsAccessible storage was in short supply for hundreds of residents who received long-term care from a state facility for the developmentally-disabled. With 650 clients to provide for, the center needed to better accommodate the amount of personal effects residents had accumulated over the years. Since some had called the facility home for several decades, they needed a solution that was more suited for their age. Options designed specifically for safe-keeping items owned by the residents themselves as well as materials needed for educational, medical, and recreation purposes were given top priority. A combination of twirling cabinets and personal file management systems were brought in because they had the most potential to address the needs of the center and create accessible storage that was user friendly. Watch twirling cabinets in action.

Twirling cabinets use less space

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Twirling cabinets need only half the room of lateral or vertical filing cabinets in order to function efficiently. This is because they are built with shelving that revolves to reveal double the storage capacity in less space. With the twirling cabinets in place, the facility was able to easily accomplish the task of storing residents' records in a neat and organized fashion. And since both sides of the twirling cabinets are made accessible simply by pushing down on a foot pedal, information of a sensitive nature such as legal documentation and medical history could be conveniently found and retrieved without any trouble.

Personal file management systems built for safety & add security

personal file management systemsBoth twirling cabinets and personal file management systems were installed in the residents' cottages because they had enough storing power to hold miscellaneous items. The systems are each built for safe operation and optimal security. The personal file management systems, however, were unique because of individual locking feature they had. Its patented interlocking system limits access to just one drawer at a time. This helps the drawer operator to remain focused on the task at hand rather than get overwhelmed by trying to accomplish more than one thing at a time. In addition, the presence of heavy-duty ball bearing suspensions, complete with bumpers, help keep the drawer from bouncing backward when opened. This helps to prevent injury to the residents when the personal file management systems are being used. Each created accessible storage for residents to safely keep items and other belongings of a personal nature there.

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