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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Retail suit sample display storage eases browsing

tuxedo jacket wall cabinet casegoods stands retail suit sample display storageTuxedo jacket wall cabinet casegoods and stands provide retail suit sample display storage designed to ease shopper browsing. Items fitted to racks standing on the sales floor allow buyers to envision what the merchandise would look like on a real person. Customers can then have a sales associate retrieve the right size from the organized selection hanging a few feet away. It provides a more efficient and personal service experience, creating increased profit potential.

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Attractive tuxedo jacket wall casegoods & stands

Place taller tuxedo jacket wall cabinet casegoods between smaller ones to create an attractive look that invites buyers to walk over and check out the sale merchandise. Arranging the solutions this way allows shoppers to have convenient aisle access and enables facilities to maximize vertical space efficiency. It ensures staff can retrieve items without injury and handle customer fittings with more efficiency. Leaving ample space between the stands ensures shoppers do not damage anything while walking through. Facilities can even add spacious seating to ensure those waiting to receive service have a comfortable place to sit.

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