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Consolidate books & binders in encircling space-saver storage

turn around cabinets file drawersConsolidate books and binders in encircling space-saver storage or turn around cabinets with file drawers large enough to store everything in less space. It provides a more efficient alternative to keeping these items out on desks. Users have clean and organized access to workspace and can retrieve resources as needed with a simple spin.

As a dual-sided solution, systems have space-efficient compartments that span floor to ceiling to maximize use. Dental practices or insurance companies can use one side to organize active patient records or auto accident claims. Then, reserve the other side to accommodate policy reference materials or dental toothbrush and floss kits.

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Able to store this stuff all in one small-space footprint, staff can do more with the existing capacity to improve business operations. Facilities experience fewer production delays and spend less on equipment and building renovations. The lockable units have solid panel sides that provide efficient material security during nonuse to prevent theft.

Turn around cabinets with file drawers

The turn around cabinets can have file drawers that users pull out to ensure ergonomic material access and retrieval. Able to bring stored items within personal reach, users can see everything and avoid picking errors. It ensures office receptionists do their due diligence to keep clients' safe. Facilities can then build a loyal and profitable customer base over time and maintain a competitive edge.

books binders encircling space saver storage

Watch a video on the encircling space-saver storage.

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