Truck bed gun vault designed for added security

truck bed gun vaultStoring guns in vehicles is often times frowned upon, mainly because the car or pickup truck is not equipped with the space for storing weapons properly. It often leaves them at risk for being stolen. But, as is the case with state departments and agencies that deal with public safety, it is sometimes necessary to do so to ensure the safety of the public. It is for this reason that weapons holding safe locker storage for pickup trucks exist. This truck bed gun vault takes up just a fraction of space by mounting to the wheel well of a pickup truck and blends in well, making it harder to detect for added security. See the truck bed gun vault in action. (Watch video)

Features of weapons holding safe locker storage for pickup trucks

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The space capacity of this weapons holding safe locker storage for pickup trucks is large enough to accommodate storage for two long arm guns, plus ammunition. Its size measures 48-inches long by 9-inches wide by 16-inches tall, allowing for it to comfortably handle weapons that pack a bigger punch such as a military-style assault rifle and a 40-inch shotgun. Access to the guns is controlled by wireless remote that is included and pre-wired for added convenience. Features such as a tamper-proof door and a Line-X coating covering the entire truck bed gun vault provide added protection against theft, while also sealing out dust and water. In addition, its heavy-duty 3/4-inch galvanized steel construction also provides it with the long-lasting durability needed to stand up under harsh conditions. Trunk gun locker safes (available online for purchase) are an alternative to weapons holding locker safe storage for pickup trucks. weapons holding safe locker storage for pickup trucks

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