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Train Track Rail File Cabinets and Shelving Preserve Floor Space and Improve Productivity

Train track file shelving, also known as filing cabinets on rails or tram track storage shelves, will save you more floor space than both traditional lateral or vertical filing cabinets. Train track file cabinet systems are filing cabinets or filing shelves with wheels on the bottom that are mounted on rolling platforms that slide back and forth on tracks to create a movable access aisle. The tram track file cabinets reduce your file storage area by up to 66% over traditional file cabinets because they condense the shelves together.

This type of filing on rails system provides more storage in less space so you can merge all your file storage into one area. Productivity is improved with the rail filing system because employees no longer have to meander around the office looking for files stored in various different areas. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Expect a Fast Return On Investment (ROI) with These Green Friendly Track and Rail Filing Systems

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Track and rail filing systems provide you to with a fast return on your investment because they cost less and use less office storage floor space. This also means you will reduce your energy operating costs like air conditioning, heating, and lighting because you’re maximizing the use of your office floor space. Implementing a space saving train track filing cabinet system in your facility will make your office more environmentally friendly.

What Types of Materials Can Be Stored in Tram Track Shelving Cabinets?

Here are some samples of items that can be stored in a train track file system:

  • File folders and archival file storage boxes
  • Your exiting file cabinets, shelving, or racks
  • Cds, DVDs, and computer media
  • Industrial pallet racks
  • Maintenance and production parts, tools, or hardware
  • Athletic equipment and sports gear
  • Healthcare supplies and products
  • Museum artifacts and framed artwork
  • Military logistic supplies, war bags and armory weapons
  • Law Enforcement property and evidence, weapons, and uniforms
  • Library books and archival books

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Professional Train Track Rail File Shelving System Designers and Planners

Southwest Solutions Group has been providing train tack filing cabinet systems and tram track storage shelves since 1969. Our experienced sales representatives are knowledgeable in ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs to bring you the best value, code compliance, and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email to see how a train track rail filing shelving system will benefit your business.


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