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Last updated: December 13, 2018

Track sliding walls with media display screens & more promote collaborative learning

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mini class meeting areasTrack sliding walls with media display screens, tables and stools provide mini class and meeting areas that students can use to collaborate on group projects. To ensure the flexible spaces function according to students’ needs, users must push the walls along floor rails. Performing this operation, allows those working or teaching there to create a private, distraction-free oasis. Bringing the component forward in moments allows visiting presenters to host smaller groups in a more intimate setting. Move it farther away to expand the available space to a size that can accommodate larger crowds.

Flexible mini class & meeting areas 

Have experts adapt the mini class and meeting areas with affordable accessories such as whiteboards and shelves with bin storage to flip-down desks and more. Integrating these features into the flexible spaces ensures users have easy access while studying. Keep shelves that have bin storage stocked with scratch pads and assorted writing utensils that students can use to take notes during brainstorming ideas. It provides a more efficient alternative to leaving everything disorganized on desks during clean up.

track sliding walls media display screens tables stools

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