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Last updated: December 13, 2018

Track sliding compact kiosks with clerk service counters simplify student banking

track sliding compact kiosks clerk service counters

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Adapting track sliding compact kiosks with clerk service counters creates mobile credit union stations that students can use to access money. The convenient, pop-up solutions travel on rails to open and close in moments, streamlining efficiency and saving space. Those needing to deposit or withdraw account funds can do so without visiting a traditional bank branch and get to class on time. Have experts install the systems in a school atrium or lobbies that host larger crowds and have more foot traffic.

Space-saving mobile credit union stations

mobile credit union stationsThe space-saving mobile credit union stations can have shelving and display storage with literature about student-banking options. Students can thumb through pamphlets found there while waiting in line and put that time to better use. Academic facilities can even specify that experts add fold-down seating to empty system walls. Customers then have a comfortable place to sit while waiting to speak with a teller and facilities get to maximize the available space.

Personnel can condense and secure expandable aisles into a smaller footprint during closing time. Performing this operation helps to valued resources safe from theft and ensures the financial institution does not get burglarized overnight. Facilities can even have experts include exterior graphics which provide pleasing aesthetics. It provides an easy point of reference as student navigate through high-traffic areas.

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