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Last updated: February 01, 2016

Storing Tissue Samples in Drawers

shelving with drawers storing tissue samples in liquidThere are some storage applications whose needs just can't be met with the products already on the market, and innovative and unique solutions are needed. One lab in particular was having trouble finding a way to store their tissue samples in liquid; these specific items also needed a specialized storage solution to ensure the longevity and safety of the samples. The solution was surprisingly simple: a regular four-post shelving storage system outfitted with drawers, doors, and cabinets. Click here to view more healthcare and lab storage solutions.

Originally, the lab was planning on installing museum cabinets, which most closely matched their storage needs—but not exactly. Instead, project planners came up with the idea to store their small tubes and vials in drawers specifically designed for the task, which were then placed in four-post shelving. The pull-out drawers are easy for lab technicians to access and keep all vials stored safely upright to prevent damage or spillage.

The shelving was outfitted with locking doors, which keeps the tubes of tissue samples in liquid stored securely and inaccessible to unauthorized parties. The four-post shelving, doors, drawers, and cabinets are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes that guarantee longevity and durability for efficient lab storage.

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