Technician corner storage workcenters ensure efficient space use

technician corner storage workcentersTechnician corner storage workcenters offer an ergonomic durable cabinet shelving solution that can withstand harsh industrial use while fitting in hard to reach spaces to ensure efficient use. Configurations accommodate numerous accessories to ensure efficient organization and can feature many options to achieve maximum storage use. This includes an overshelf above the work surface, as well as computer and tool drawer cabinets that support technology integration and are modular in design to provide users with the flexibility to store equipment in optimal space.

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Overshelf computer & tool drawer cabinets

With accessories and options like an overshelf, as well as computer and tool drawer cabinets to provide ample space to store essentials, units become a quality storage solution that accommodates everything in convenient space designed to provide comfort while working. Items get stored in close proximity to one another, so users don’t waste time trying to track down instruments used to complete tasks. Rather, materials are only a short distance from user fingertips which speeds retrieval and allows users to dedicate more time to productivity.

Features for technician corner storage workstations

overshelf computer tool drawer cabinetsFeatures that relate to the technician corner storage workstations include:

  • Many accessories available to ensure efficient organization
  • Total drawer extension provides easy access to equipment while supporting up to 400 pounds in weight capacity
  • Drawer rolling mechanism covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Heavy-duty construction provides lasting durability while presenting a clean and polished look that appeals to the eye
  • Able to integrate with juxtaposed workstations (45-degree angle)
  • Units designed to stand against a wall or back to back
  • Leveling glides required to ensure units align right
  • Personalized configurations also available

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