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Last updated: March 19, 2018

SmartCell™ Wire Basket Shelves

technibilt smartcell wire shelving basket carts racksTechibilt Smartcell wire shelving basket carts and racks provide an efficient and durable solution for hospital supply storage. Its open design allows easy identification of materials with adjustable storage compartments that can be quickly configured to your exact needs. See below for more information.

Wire Shelving Basket Carts for Hospitals

With kits in various adjustable sizes, you can easily customize the wire shelving basket carts to your needs. All unit kits come with a 74" frame, hang bars, and a dust shelf with each component coated with industrial-grade powder coating. The chrome-plated baskets are ideal for hospital use in materials management and nursing supply storage as they are easy to clean and organize. Accessories include casters, basket brackets, dividers, louver panels, label holders, suture baskets, and more.

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With easily accessible storage, hospital staff can be more efficient than ever before. This is especially critical in healthcare when every moment counts toward patient care and satisfaction. Its adjustable components are also sized to maximize storage capacity and make the most of your space. Its wire construction also allows air to flow through the baskets freely, which further minimizes dust accumulation and provides more visibility. Additional features include:

  • Available in various sizeswire shelving basket carts racks hospital supply storage
  • Can be mounted on louvered panels or cantilever pedestal frames
  • Adjustable dividers for endless variations
  • Easy to implement lean inventory management practices such as Kanban and PAR level systems
  • Single and double-sided units available
  • All baskets plated in hospital-grade chrome
  • Industrial-strength powder coat finish on framework to enhance durability and longevity
  • Bottom dust shelf/cover provides an extra barrier of protection to bottom basket contents
  • Maintains Joint Commission standards
  • Available with a wide variety of accessories to customize the system for your needs

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