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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Taller storage with wider airflow doors help national guard optimize space

taller storage wider airflow doorsAs taller storage with wider airflow doors, the large vented military gear lockers in this case study allow soldiers to save space and accommodate growth. Servicemen wanting the capacity to do the same can create options like this one. It provides a more affordable alternative to spending money on new construction. Finding the right space-optimizing solution starts with help from experts. Read on to learn how the national guard solved its storage space problems.

Unable to fit everything in small and worn out single lockers, soldiers have to use two cabinets to keep belongings safe and organized. Servicemen would often times not need that much space to accommodate items, leaving half the area empty. with more soldiers expected to join the unit, users could no longer store things this way. Unable to expand the facility, unit leaders turned to experts who could design a more appropriate alternative. It would need to fit the available space and have a durable design that allows security padlock integration. 

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large vented military gear lockersTo design the right solution, the consultant did many things while visiting the facility. This includes:

  • Measuring the locker areas and common gear soldiers would need to store.
  • Sketching out floor layouts and working with engineering colleagues during design.

The collaboration would lead experts to fit taller storage with wider airflow doors that have a perforated design. Vertically stacked units allow users to optimize space and accommodate growth within the existing footprint. The sturdy systems have security padlocks to keep clean and organized equipment stored inside safe from theft. Soldiers have comfortable access to aisles and can fit everything inside, ensuring efficient space use.

Watch a video that highlights military war bag lockers.

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