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Last updated: March 13, 2017

Improving upon space for storing crime evidence boxes bags & oversized storage

tall motorized police racksAfter occupying the same building space for three decades, the police department for one fast-growing community was in need of a change in more ways than one. In addition to improving upon the space used for storing crime evidence boxes, bags and oversized storage items, having additional building space to accommodate other departmental needs was also highly desired. The financial means to fund the construction of two buildings was made possible with the passing of a bond issue. One facility was to become a new headquarters downtown. The other was to provide housing for the department's long-term evidence storage by using tall motorized police racks. It was also meant to accommodate the canine and motorcycle units, in addition to other functions. Click here to see how the motorized storage racks work.

Storing crime evidence boxes bags & oversized storage items

Departmental needs and expectations in relationship to the evidence area were more specifically laid out by the staff while meeting with a storage expert at the start of the project. Most notably was the matter of having the capacity for storing crime evidence boxes, bags, and oversized storage items well into the future. They even went so far as to devise detailed projections of their needs for the next two decades. Having the ability to capitalize on the high ceilings, which were present within the new facility, was also of particular interest to the department.

Space-saving tall motorized police racks

storing crime evidence boxes bags oversized storage

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The creation of what was to result in an installation of space-saving tall motorized police racks took a considerable amount of coordination and input from all involved. This included the storage consultant, in addition to the architect and engineers as well as department leadership and staff. The decision of the planning team was one that included an unusual twist. The system consists of 4-post shelves mounted to tall motorized police racks, with shelving units standing 15 feet high. 

Its installation meant the department was given the capacity to capitalize on space usage from any angle. While its uniqueness in height offered an increase in available vertical storage space, the compact design of the tall motorized police racks ensured the capacity needed to accommodate future growth was provided for from the floor by facilitating carriage movement with the push of a button. Because of the unit's unique height, an increased amount of effort was required of the engineering team in order to ensure the safety of reliability of the system. A recessed rail also provides easy access for a powered aisle lift.

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