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Tall library shelving with improved storage capacity

tall library shelving for improved storage capacityDuring the first few precious years of life, children need a lot of exposure to language and literacy in order to help them learn how to communicate. A community library is a great place to develop and improve upon such things. They offer age-appropriate programming in a kid-friendly environment designed to foster creativity and learning. One such public library, in fact, took to improving itself while undergoing a renovation, recently. It added custom made tall library shelving to its reading area for children. With its installation, the library was able to take full advantage of the wall space available. Built from floor-to-ceiling, the range book rack used every inch of space available in the most efficient way possible. Out-of-circulation books of varying sizes were arranged in an organized manner and neatly stacked one on top of each other. This arrangement helped to prevent books on display from being removed, as well as improve storage capacity. Tall library shelving or a range book rack is one way to improve storage capacity for your library. If you need to store large volumes of books, then check out how floorless mobile shelving can help to maximize your storage space.

Range Book Rack designed to function safely

range book rack designed to function safelyThe tall library shelving, standing at a towering 16-feet, was held securely in place because it tied into metal strapping inside the wall. In addition, interlocking frames, spliced together at alternating heights, gave the range book rack the strength and stability it needed to function safely. And, because the tall library shelving used the full height of the wall, the library was able to create a visually appealing atmosphere that children could easily relate to. 

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