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Last updated: April 04, 2019

Police pass-thru evidence lockers with audit trail uphold 'custody chain'

counter high storage cabinetsTall or counter-high storage cabinets provide police pass-thru evidence lockers with audit trail capabilities that ensure secure user access to prevent a custody breach. Management has an exact timeline to refer to if someone suspects improper material handling and can take legal action against the accused. Have experts integrate units to unoccupied walls to ensure safe deposit and retrieval. It creates a clean and seamless look while allowing departments to avoid wasting space, increasing efficiency.

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With access to separate locking compartments, officers can consolidate items from an investigation within the same space. Then, use empty units included in the same bank to store and organize more within the existing footprint. Departments have less overflow without a home, allowing lab techs to streamline processing and uphold the custody chain.

Tall or counter-high storage cabinets prevent evidence tampering & loss

tall police pass thru evidence lockersThe tall or counter-high storage cabinets can accommodate other locking options to prevent evidence tampering and loss. These include:

  • Standard locks with round or lever handles that users can have keyed differently or alike.
  • Electronic locks that include keypad or key-fob access with an overriding administrative code and lockout after four attempts.
  • The Bluetooth/Proximity model provides keypad, smartphone or proximity card access.

The flexible systems accommodate a few door options that promote comfort or provide clean airflow to prevent deterioration due to dust,

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