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Tactical readiness locker & cabinet space adapted 

tactical readiness locker and cabinet spaceThe flexibility of tactical readiness locker and cabinet space was recently put to the test, when a police department had it adapted for secure bite suit storage. The end result showed the system is more than just a place for storing military equipment, gear and supplies. It can also be used to assist law enforcement agencies with safeguarding their investment, especially when it comes to protective gear for officers. Diamond perforated mesh double doors, measuring 84 inches in height and 30 inches in depth, allowed for suits and accessories to receive a consistent level of air circulation. This kept items from becoming moldy and overcome with odor. Jackets were efficiently hung from a hanger rail, while space below was used for storing pants. Accessories such as boots, helmets and gauntlets were placed in compartments separated by dividers, while a shelf located above served as additional storage space. In addition, these particular components allowed for the transferal of sweat and dog slobber to be kept at bay. This meant the department's bite suits would have a longer shelf life. Watch video of tactical readiness locker and cabinets

Secure tactical readiness locker & cabinet space built tough

adapted for secure bite suit storageMade from steel and featuring box construction doors with twice the thickness, this tactical readiness lock and cabinet space is built tough. Once it has been adapted for secure bite suit storage, however, extra security measures can be taken to assure those wanting to know inventory is protected. A padlock hasp was added to the tactical readiness locker and cabinet space used by the police department, but a variety of locking options are available for optimal security. These include: combination, electronic, keyed and hasp only (for padlock) of course.

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